2019-2020 “Reopener” CBA Ratification Vote

The UWF chapter of the United Faculty of Florida (“UFF-UWF”) and the UWF Board of Trustees (“UWF-BOT”) bargaining teams reached tentative agreement on all remaining articles under discussion for the 2019-2020 “reopener” CBA negotiations, and UFF-UWF has scheduled a faculty ratification vote for Thursday, July 25.  The contract does not become official until it is ratified by both the UWF in-unit faculty and the UWF-BOT.  The UFF-UWF bargaining team fully supports the ratification of the contract.  Ratification documents are included below.

The 2019-2020 reopener contract reflects the following contract items:

Article 25: Salary

  • A one-time, non-recurring wage action of $500 for all in-unit faculty that would be distributed before November 1, 2019.
  • A one-time inversion base salary increase up to $6,000 for in-unit faculty based on base salary comparisons within a faculty member’s department/unit.  For the purposes of determining base salary, administrative supplements, Distinguished University Professor increases, and salary increases from Sustained Performance Evaluations will be excluded from the calculation of base salary.  Additional details are available in the attached article.
  • Revision of overload funding source language to match language in CBAs of other SUS institutions.
  • (The UWF BOT and UWF faculty have already ratified a forthcoming cost-of-living base salary increase for March 2020.  This increase has a minimum of 1% and a max of 2% based on the CPI-U for the year – which will be released in January.)

Pilot Tuition Scholarship Program for Faculty Dependents Memorandum of Understanding

  • A tuition scholarship program for faculty dependents that is modeled on a similar, negotiated pilot program at FSU.  Under this program, faculty could build on the current 6 total hours per term of the free tuition benefit for an additional 3hrs per term per dependent during the academic year.  The pilot program would run for two years and cap the program’s cost at $35,000 per academic year. Should the number of dependent applications exceed available slots, the recipients will be selected at random.  Additional information about the program is available in the attached proposal packet.  

Clinical Professor Memorandum of Understanding

  • An MOU clarifying that the university will petition PERC to establish the positions of Associate Clinical Professor and Clinical Professor and that Clinical Faculty will not be able to pursue promotions prior to the 2023-2024 academic year (so there is time to produce promotion standards/criteria and to negotiate promotion increase percentages).

UFF Release Time Memorandum of Understanding

  • An MOU lifting the UFF release time restrictions for the 2019-2020 academic year.

All other contract articles are “Status Quo.”

Ratification will take place on Thursday, July 25 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in Bld 22, University Commons (area in front of Commons Auditorium). 

All members of the faculty bargaining unit are eligible to vote regardless of union membership.

Copies of the “Reopener” contract changes are available online at http://uffuwf.org.

For more information about the ratification vote, to review the agreed-upon contract, and to learn more about your UFF-UWF chapter, please consult the following documents.  Underlined language in the article represents proposed new language and strike-through language represents language that is proposed to be struck.



TAed Articles for 2019-2020 Reopener Negotiations

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