Article 8 – Job Classification

8.1 Job Classification Titles.

(a) Creation of a New Classification. Whenever the Board creates a new class, it will designate such class as being either within or outside the bargaining unit and will notify the UFF.

(b) If the Board revises the specifications of an existing class so that its bargaining unit designation is changed, it will notify the UFF of such new designation.

(1) Within ten (10) days following such notification, the UFF may request a meeting with the Board for the purpose of discussing the designation.

(2) If, following such discussion, the UFF disagrees with the designation, it may request the Florida Public Employees Relations Commission to resolve the dispute through unit clarification proceedings.

(c) Disputes over Classifications of Individual Faculty.

(1) A faculty member of the University may request a review of the appropriateness of the faculty member’s classification.

(2) In case of disagreement with the results of the review, the matter will be discussed in accordance with Article 2 (Consultation) and will not be subject to Article 22 (Grievance Procedures and Arbitration).

(d) Reclassification of a Faculty Member to Non-Unit Classification.

(1) Faculty members will be provided written notice thirty (30) days in advance, if practicable, with a copy to the UFF, when the University proposes to reclassify the faculty member to a classification that is not contained in the General Faculty bargaining unit.

(2) The faculty member may request a review of such action consistent with the provisions of this Article.

(3) UFF may discuss such action pursuant to Article 2 (Consultation).

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