Article 7 – Minutes, Rules, and Budgets

7.1 Board and University Documents.

(a) The Board will ensure that a copy of the following documents is made available in an easily accessible location in its Main Library or by links on the University website.

(1) The minutes of the meetings of the Council of Presidents;

(2) The minutes of the meetings of the Board and its committees;

(3) Board rules adopted and disseminated to University employees; and

(4) The University’s operating budget, including the previous year’s expenditure analysis.

(b) The Board will also provide the UFF with a computer account for purposes of accessing any State data file(s) reflecting the annual salary increases provided to faculty within the public universities in the State of Florida. Costs associated with the UFF’s use of such files will be borne by the UFF consistent with the costs charged to other users accessing the data file(s).

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