Article 34 – Definitions


As used in this Agreement, the term:

“academic year” means a period consisting of a Fall and Spring semester of approximately thirty-nine (39) contiguous weeks.

“bargaining unit” means those faculty members, collectively, represented for collective bargaining purposes by the UFF.

“Board” or “Board of Trustees” means the legally responsible governing body of the University of West Florida.

“break in service” means those absences following which the faculty member is treated as a new faculty member for purposes of computing seniority and years of service.

“college/unit” means a college or a comparable administrative unit generally equivalent in size and character to a college.

“continuous service” means employment uninterrupted by a break in service. For academic year faculty (9 or 10 month faculty), one (1) year of continuous service is equivalent to the nine (9) or ten (10) month employment period.

“days” means calendar days, unless otherwise specified.

“department/unit” means a department or comparable administrative unit generally equivalent in size and character to a department.

“equitable” means fair and reasonable under the circumstances.

“faculty” or “faculty member” means any member of the bargaining unit.

“grievance” means a dispute filed on a form referenced in section 22.4(d) concerning the interpretation or application of a specific term or provision of this Agreement, subject to those exclusions appearing in other Articles of this Agreement.

“grievant” means a faculty member or group of faculty who has/have filed a grievance in a dispute over a provision of this Agreement which confers rights upon the faculty member(s).

“months” means calendar months.

“principal place of employment” means the campus location or other University site specified on the faculty member’s standard employment contract.

“semester” means one of the two approximately 19.5 week periods which together constitute the academic year.

“supervisor” means an individual identified by the President or representative as having immediate administrative authority over bargaining unit faculty members.

“UFF” means the University of West Florida Chapter of the United Faculty of Florida.

“unit” means a recognized administrative or organizational entity.

“University” means the University of West Florida, acting though the President or representative on behalf of the University of West Florida Board of Trustees

“University community” means the collective faculty, staff, students, administrators, third party vendors, and visitors and programs that comprise the University of West Florida

“year” means a period of twelve (12) consecutive months.


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