Article 28 – Payroll Deduction

28.1 Deductions. The Board will deduct the following each pay period from the pay of those faculty in the bargaining unit who individually and voluntarily make such request on a written authorization form as contained in Appendix “B” to this Agreement:

(a) UFF membership dues in an amount established by the UFF and certified in writing by the UFF State President to the Board; and

(b) other UFF deductions in an amount authorized by the faculty member.

28.2 Timing of Deductions.

(a) The Board will make deductions each pay period and without interruption, except as provided in 28.4 and 28.8, below, beginning with the first full pay period starting not earlier than seven (7) days following the receipt of authorization.

(b) The UFF will give written notice to the Board of any changes in its dues at least forty-five (45) days prior to the effective date of any such changes.

28.3 Remittance.

(a) The Board will remit dues and other authorized deductions to the UFF state office within thirty (30) days following the end of the pay period.

(b) At the time of each remittance, the University will provide, through a secure website, access to updated information, including

(1) names of the faculty from whose salaries the Board has made such deductions;

(2) gross salary for the pay period of each such faculty member; and

(3) amounts deducted.

28.4 Termination of Deduction. The Board’s responsibility for deducting dues and other authorized deductions from a faculty member’s salary will terminate automatically upon either

(a) thirty (30) days written notice from the faculty member to the Board, the University Office of Human Resources and to the UFF revoking that faculty member’s prior deduction authorization, or

(b) the transfer or promotion of the authorizing faculty member out of the bargaining unit.

28.5 Reinstatement of Deduction. The Board will reinstate dues deductions for faculty members who have previously filed authorization for dues deduction and are subsequently placed in leave without pay status, or who participate in the Phased Retirement Program, upon commencement of full- or part-time employment with the University.

28.6 Indemnification. The UFF assumes responsibility for

(a) all claims against the Board, including the cost of defending such actions, arising from their compliance with this Article, and for

(b) all monies deducted under this Article and remitted to the UFF; further

(c) the UFF will promptly refund to the Board excess monies received under this Article.

28.7 Exceptions. The Board will not deduct any UFF fines, penalties, or special assessments from the pay of any faculty member, nor is the Board obligated to provide more than one (1) payroll deduction field for the purpose of making the deductions described in this Article.

28.8 Termination of Agreement. The Board’s responsibilities under this Article will terminate automatically upon

(a) decertification of the UFF by a vote of the faculty or as determined by the Public Employees Relations Commission;

(b) suspension or revocation of the UFF’s certification by the Florida Public Employees Relations Commission; or

(c) revocation of the UFF’s deduction privilege by the Florida Public Relations Commission.


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