Article 27 – UFF Insurance Deduction

27.1 Payroll Deduction.

(a) The Board agrees to provide one (1) payroll deduction per faculty member per pay period for the UFF voluntary economic services program.

(b) The Board will make deductions each pay period beginning with the first full pay period starting not earlier than seven (7) days following receipt of authorization. Deductions will continue without interruption, except for emergency situations or as set forth in section 28.4 (Termination of Deduction) or section 28.8 (Termination of Agreement).

(c) All such programs and deductions will meet the requirements of Board rules and regulations in effect when this Agreement takes effect and with State law.

27.2 Reports.

(a) The UFF will provide the Board with a written report by July 31 of each year regarding any program requiring payroll deduction.

(b) This report will include the following information:

(1) the name of the common remitter company;

(2) a list of the provider companies that are to receive remittances;

(3) the appropriate contact people for the common remitter and associated provider companies; and

(4) addresses and phone numbers for such contact people.


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