Article 2 – Consultation

2.1 Consultation with President.

The University President or designated representative(s) will meet with the UFF representatives to discuss matters pertinent to the implementation or administration of this Agreement, University actions affecting the terms and conditions of employment, or any other mutually agreeable matters. Such meetings will occur at least once per semester during the academic year and once during the Summer semester, unless the President and the UFF agree otherwise. The party requesting consultation will submit a written list of agenda items no less than one (1) week in advance of the meeting. The other party will also submit a written list of agenda items in advance of the meeting if it wishes to discuss specific issues. The parties understand and agree that such meetings may be used to resolve problems regarding the implementation and administration of the Agreement; however, such meetings will not constitute or be used for the purpose of collective bargaining.

2.2 Affirmative Action Plan.

The UFF president will be provided without cost a copy of the University’s affirmative action plan, including all updates of such plan. The copy provided may be on paper, electronic, or by URL.

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