Article 15 – Promotion Procedure

15.1 Policy.

(a) Promotion decisions are not merely a totaling of a faculty member’s annual performance evaluations. Rather, the University, through its faculty, professional employees, and administrators, assesses the faculty member’s potential for growth and scholarly contribution as well as past meritorious performance.

(b) Beginning with the second (2nd) year of employment, faculty eligible for consideration for promotion will be apprised of their progress toward promotion. The appraisal will be included as a separate section of the annual evaluation and is intended to provide assistance and counseling to candidates to help them to qualify themselves for promotion.

(c) The faculty member may request, in writing, a meeting with an administrator at the next higher level to discuss concerns regarding the promotion appraisal which were not resolved in the previous discussions with the evaluator.

(d) The promotion appraisals are not binding on the University.

15.2 Criteria for Promotion.

(a) Promotion decisions will be a result of meritorious performance and will be based upon established criteria specified in writing by the Board or the University.

(b) All affected faculty will be given a copy of the criteria.

(c) Promotion criteria will be available in the department/unit office and/or at the college/division level.

15.3 Modification of Criteria.

(a) Modifying Criteria. The Board and the University may modify criteria for promotion so long as the UFF has been notified of the proposed changes and offered an opportunity to discuss such changes in consultation with the University President or representative.

(b) Changes in criteria will not become effective until one (1) year following adoption of the changes, unless mutually agreed to in writing by the UFF and the University.

(c) The date of adoption will be the date on which the changes are approved by the Chief Academic Officer.

(d) Any proposal to develop or modify promotion criteria will be available for discussion by members of the affected departments/units before adoption.

(e) The University is encouraged to review its promotion criteria at the University, college/division, or department/unit level to ensure that such criteria are consistent and that they comport with the mission of the University and its various academic units.

(f) Effect on Faculty. The provisions of section 10.3(f) (Equitable Opportunity) are applicable to the modified criteria. If a faculty member makes application for promotion within three (3) years following the effective date of changes in promotion criteria, such faculty member will be evaluated under the previous criteria unless he or she has notified the University in writing at least thirty (30) days prior to commencement of the promotion review process of a choice to be evaluated under the new criteria.

15.4 Recommendations and Procedures

(a) Recommendations for promotion will begin with the faculty member’s supervisor and will be submitted to the appropriate officials for review.

(b) Recommendations for promotion will include a copy of applicable promotion criteria, along with the faculty member’s annual work assignments and evaluations. The reviewers at any stage in the review process may request to view any promotion appraisals.

(c) Prior to the consideration of the faculty member’s promotion, the faculty member will have the right to review the contents of the promotion file and may attach a brief response to any material therein.

(d) It will be the responsibility of the faculty member to see that the file is complete.

(e) The provisions of sections 12.2 through 12.7 of this Agreement will apply to the contents of the promotion file.

(f) Evaluative materials or summaries thereof prepared by peer committees may be placed in the promotion file when signed by a representative of the committee.

(g) If any material is added to the file after the commencement of consideration, a copy will be sent to the faculty member within five (5) days (by personal delivery or by mail, return receipt requested).

(h) The faculty member may attach a brief response within five (5) days of his or her receipt of the added material. The file will not be forwarded until either the faculty member submits a response or until the second (2nd) five (5) day period expires, whichever comes first.

(i) The only documents which may be considered in making a promotion recommendation are those contained or referenced in the promotion file or those required to verify or clarify statements in the promotion file. 

15.5 Notice of Decision.

(a) The faculty member will be notified in writing by the University within ten (10) days or as soon as possible thereafter of the decision with regard to promotion.

(b) If the application for promotion is denied, the faculty member may request, in writing and within twenty (20) days of receipt of the denial, a written statement by the University of the reasons for the denial.

(c) The written response will be provided by the University within thirty (30) days after the request. 


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